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Himimiの9-Shelf Tree Book Shelf – 50% OFF Promo Code

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Amazonにて、Himimiの9-Shelf Tree Book Shelfがお安くなっています。


AmazonのCustomer Reviewも4.7/5 (411 ratings)と高評価を得ている9-Shelf Tree Book Shelfですが、

ただ今50% OFFとなるPromo Code YUD9AKUZ使用で、以下から50% OFFとなりAmazonでの最安値を更新してお買い得になっています。

  • 🔥[INSPIRED BY NATURE, CREATIVE BY DESIGN] Its distinctive tree-shaped profile is full of charisma and elegance that will make an exceptional conversation piece in any room. Not least, it is made to last with solid E1 particle wood and meticulous craftsmanship.
  • 🔥[VERSATILE AND SAVE SPACE] Himimi tree bookshelf has plenty of storage space for your books, CDs, DVDs and anything worth displaying your passion. Cover a small area, perfect for apartments, narrow spaces, classrooms, bedroom, kids’ room, entryway, living room and corner.
  • 🔥[HUMANISTIC DESIGN] Equipped with 50mm thick sturdy base, solid brackets together with tighten-connected right angles and anti-topping fitting for your safe use, especially family with children.
  • 🔥[PERFECT FOR SMALL SCALE STORAGE] The overall dimensions of this bookshelf are 19.7’’L x 9.3’’W x 54.9’’H and each individual shelf measures 14.2’’ x 8.3’’. Each Shelves can hold up to 5-10 books each. Load Capacity of Each Shelf: 25 lbs.

子供部屋の2nd bookshelfにいいかも・・・

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