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スピーカーとマイク内蔵のBluetoothイヤーウォーマー30% OFF

Bluetooth Ear Warmer
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  • Outdoor Biking Running Walking for Men/Women/kids
  • ♫ HD High Fidelity Sound Music Experience- You can enjoy enhanced music listening experience with advanced digital sound by bluetooth ear muffs while staying your ear muffs. Delivered by high performance stereo loudspeaker driver, bluetooth ear muffs for men women allows you to focus on favorite music and answer calls.
  • ♫ Bluetooth V5.0 Wireless Technology- The Latest Bluetooth V5.0 chipset strongly enhances audio and communications. The bluetooth ear muffs for men women connects stably with cell phones, tablets, laptop and other Bluetooth enabled devices up to 30 feet (10 meters) away.The simple 3-button Panel built-in stereo speaker and microphone, makes this musical knit cap easy to answer calls, play music, adjust volume without touching the phone.
  • ♫ Soft, Comfortable& Warm – Outside is high quality soft material, inside is comfortable plush .The bluetooth ear muffs ear warmers will keep you comfortable and warm all the winter. Shield the wind from ears without blocking sound. Perfect for cold winter casual, hiking, biking, skiing, hunting.
  • ♫ Longest Battery Life- With the built-in rechargeable Li-Ion battery, bluetooth ear muffs for men women are able to continuously play music more than 10 hours (depending on the volume and the distance from the source device) a quick charge of only 1-2 hours (Micro USB charging cable included).
  • ♫ Foldable & Washable- Bluetooth ear muffs for winter men women fit all sizes and shapes, foldable adjustable, convenient and lightweight, portable. fully washable after removing the bluetooth control module and speakers out from both two ear pocket. Please make sure the bluetooth module is in the left when wearing

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