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MicrosoftからWindows PCの画面録画ソフトがFREEとなっています!

Screen Recorder Soft

Microsoft Storeから、だだ今AnimoticaのWindows PC用のスクリーンレコーディング用のアプリ、Screen Recorder by AnimoticaFREEでダウンロードできます。


Screen Recorder by Animotica

  • Record Screen Video: Capture gaming sessions, product demos, desktop windows, and more without memory limits. Recorded videos are stored in MP4 format.
  • Record Webcam Video: Capture webcam sessions. You can record your webcam videos alone or together with desktop window.
  • Playback Audio: Record or mute the sound from your PC along with the events on the screen.
  • Microphone Audio: Record or mute your voice during screen recording or webcam sessions.
  • Full Display Recording: Record the entire screen on your PC.
  • Custom Area Recording: Record a specific part of your screen by highlighting the area.
  • Multi-display Recording: Record multiple monitors/displays at once.
  • Record and Highlight Mouse Pointer and Clicks: Record the movement of your cursor across the screen and also highlight every click made on the screen.
  • Delayed Recording: Delay your recording by 2, 5, or 10 seconds after which your app starts recording.
  • Customize Webcam Overlay: Change the position of your webcam overlay in the video; adjust the horizontal and vertical offset, change the overlay size, add an overlay border and even change its color.
  • Record in Desired Quality: Set your desired video output resolution from 480p to 1200p. Record in up to 120 frames per second.
  • Quick Start with Hot Keys: Quickly start and stop your recording with Hot Keys – Alt + R to Start/Pause and Alt + S to Stop Recording.
  • Low CPU and Memory Usage: Record your screen without heavily draining your storage or CPU. You’re in control of the quality and size of your output video.
  • Edit Recorded Video for Free: Edit your recorded video for free using Animotica video editor.
  • Saving the Recorded Video on Your PC: Screen Recorder provides easy navigation through the recorded video with the option to play the video or edit it in Animotica.
  • Record your Twitch stream, a video from YouTube, Facebook, or any other website to share your experience with others.
  • Light and Dark Themes: Add a white or dark background to the screen recorder.
  • Select any Video or Audio Recording Device.
  • Time Bar – Keep track of your desktop video recording time.
  • Quality bar – Track the quality and resolution of the results file.



Windows 10には動画キャプチャー機能(Win+Gキー)が付いているし、画面録画のフリーソフトもあるけど、ちらっと読むとこのソフトは編集機能など機能も多く、使い方も簡単そうだね・・ FREEなうちにダウンロードして試してみよう・・・

Enjoy Freebie! 😁