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Famistarのインドア エクセサイズバイク – 58% OFFの$169.99

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Walmartにて、Famistarのインドア エクセサイズバイクがお安くなっています。

Customer Reviewも3.9/5 (50 ratings) とまあまあのエクセサイズバイクですが、ただ今クリアランスで、List. $399.99が58% OFFの$169.99と大変お安くなっています。FREE Shipping

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Famistar Exercise Bike Indoor Cycling Stationary Bike with 45Lbs Flywheel, LCD Display, Adjustable Seat and Handlebars Smooth Quiet Belt for Home Cardio Gym Workout Water Bottle As Gifts

  • Intelligent Multi-function LCD Display — Intuitive panel clearly displays precise exercise data to track your progress with your work out plans!
  • Breathable Cushion — Ergonomic seat cushion with a hole to make you feel more comfortable and breathable
  • Friction Adjustment/Braking Device — Adjustable friction device helps you tailor your desired workout intensity by simply turning the knob. And easy braking device ensures your safety!
  • Seat and Armrest Adjustment Knob — Adjust the height of the seat or armrest by turning the knob to find your perfect and relaxed work out posture. This bike suits most users with different heights, allowing a maximum effect on your specific target areas.
  • 20.4KG (45LBS) Silent Flywheel — Equipped with a large steel flywheel, the bike can ensure you a quiet workout environment and promise stability.

45LbsのFrywheelで振動や騒音を抑えるんだね・・・ これはお買い得だね・・・

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