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KeeKitの冷蔵庫/冷凍庫用温度計 (2 Pack) – 35% OFF Promo Code

Amazonにて、KeeKitの冷蔵庫/冷凍庫用温度計 (2 Pack)がお安くなっています。

温度範囲 -50℃ to 70℃ (-58℉ to 158℉)を計測できる大きなLCDディスプレイ表示の温度計で、冷蔵庫と冷凍庫はもちろん、部屋の温度計としても使用可能です。


レビュー数は少ないですが、AmazonのCustomer Reviewも4.7/5 (7 ratings)と高評価を得ている冷蔵庫/冷凍庫用温度計 (2 Pack)ですが、ただ今35% OFFとなるPromo Code LIU93VJI 使用で、以下から35% OFFとなりAmazonでの最安値を更新してお買い得になっています。

  • 【Large LCD Display】This fridge thermometer has an easy to read electronic LCD display, you can monitor the accurate temperature (included max/min/immediate temperature) info of your refrigerator / freezer room all the time.
  • 【Easy to Operate】It is easy to operate this freezer thermometer with 3 buttons, just press the “ON /OFF” button to switch the thermometer on/off. Press “℃/℉” button to select centigrade or Fahrenheit. Press “CLEAR” button to reset the Max/Min Temperature.
  • 【Accurate & Wide Measuring Range】Temperature range: -50℃ to 70℃ (-58℉ to 158℉), accuracy: ±1℃/(±1.8℉). Allowing you to use this in the fridge and freezer. It can act the role of general indoor thermometer.
  • 【Battery Powered】Comes with CR2032 battery which can be replaced when it is exhausted. It is convenient for you to replace with a new CR2032 battery by opening the ABS shell and pulling it out directly.
  • 【3 Support Methods】This fridge thermometer has 3 different place methods. Either use the stand to place it on the table, flip the stand over and use the hook to hang it on, or use the magnet back to adsorb to the refrigerator.Mini design makes it small and portable, and won’t take too much places of your fridge. All KeeKit products are protected by our 60 Day Money Back Guarantee & 12 Month Warranty.


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