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Gorilla Gripの耐熱・防水・滑り止めシリコン製オーブンミトン – 64% OFF

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Amazonにて、Gorilla Gripの耐熱・防水・滑り止めシリコン製オーブンミトンがお安くなっています。

ミトンの表面にはメッシュ凹凸加工になって、滑り止め性が抜群です。生地が厚く耐熱温度484F (251C)迄の熱いものを持つ時も手や腕を熱から守ってくれます。耐熱性、防水性と滑り止めに優れ、ホームベーカリー、オーブン、電子レンジ、グリルで調理した鉄鍋などで熱した容器や食品の取り出し、冷凍品の取り扱いなど幅広く使えます。

Amazonの#1 Best Sellerにも選ばれ、Customer Reviewも4.8/5 (7,365 ratings) ととても評価の高い人気のオーブンミトンですが、

ただ今Blackカラーが特にお安くなっており、List. $29.99から64% OFFとなり、2019年11月に記録したAmazonでの最安値$9.99以降での最安値となりお買い得になっています。

  • Get a Better Grip: constructed of durable silicone, extra long mitts are slip resistant, helping you to get the best grip while you cook; unique textured honeycomb pattern helps you hold tight to pans, pots and baking sheets without hindering your natural grip; flexible silicone will shape to you
  • Heat Resistant and Waterproof: mitts offer maximum protection from high temperatures of up to 484 degrees Fahrenheit; silicone is waterproof, so hot liquids won’t soak through and scald your skin as they would with other materials
  • Comfortable Padded Lining: stay comfortable while you cook; soft cotton lining offers additional protection and comfort, and feel simply amazing
  • Extra Long: oven mitts measure 12.5 inches long to provide generous coverage for your arms; one cotton loop is also included in each mitt to make for easy hanging when the mitts are not in use
  • No Fabric Cuff: unlike many others, these mitts feature silicone along the entire length of the mitt, making them more durable and easy to love; no fabric cuff which can get dirty and damp quickly
  • Resists Stains: made with premium grade silicone which can easily and quickly be cleaned by rinsing under water with soap, unlike fabric oven mitts that stain or must be laundered


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