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プリスクール教育玩具: 木製のアルファベット・ワードマッチングパズルが50% OFF

Wooden Letter & Word Puzzle

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  • Learning through Playing is Fun: Kids will love sorting the wooden letters and put them on the cards to form a word!It is a great way for them to learn the alphabet and words. It promotes their color recognition, hand-eye coordination, problem-solving skills, and it helps build the foundation for a lifetime love of learning.
  • Spark Kid’ s Interest with Fun Illustrations: LIKEE created 56 cute illustrations on the each side of the 28pcs cards, allowing kids to associate objects with words, it will keep your youngsters engaged for hours.
  • Easy to Grasp with Larger Size: While other toy makers leave you with small cards (4′′ x 3′′) with holes in them, our new LIKEE cards(8.25”x 3”) are larger and durable.They are easy for little hands to grasp, but the wooden blocks are also large enough to prevent accidental swallowing.
  • Get Organized with our Storage Bag: Do you feel annoyed when toys are spread everywhere? Now you can have your kids put their puzzles into the bag when not in use. Help them develop a good habit of packing things up, and you might just keep the play room tidy and clean most the time.
  • It Makes a Great Gift: Kids will love this Spelling Games Puzzle and will love you for it. It is nontoxic and safe, well crafted, which makes it a present parents will love too! it is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers age 3+ years old;

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