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PURELLの携帯用使い捨てハンドサニタイザージェル 125個入り

Purell Hand Sanitizer


Amazonの#1 Best Sellerにもなっており、その便利さからかCustomer Reviewも4.9/5(2,294 ratings)と人気抜群のハンドサニタイザーです。

昨年9月に$9台まで下がった商品で、そのレベル迄は下がっておりませんが、それ以降では最安値となっており、1個あたり10セントとお買い得です。Subscribe & Saveでさらに$5 OFFです。

  • It’s Purell In-a-pinch – an easy, compact way to sanitize your hands. Just bend the pack and squirt with one hand -for a fun and refreshing cleaning experience
  • Purell hand sanitizer is America’s No. 1 brand used and trusted by hospitals. Proven to kill 99.99 percent of most common germs that may cause illness, without damaging skin, even after repeated use
  • Purell Singles literally fit anywhere – pocket, wallet, car, cell phone case, your smallest bag. Also great for reception areas, office boxed lunches, kits and gift bags
  • Thanks to the no-leak durable design, Purell singles can always be with you for no-mess germ-kill anytime you need it. Perfect for sharing
  • Case pack includes: 1 – 125 Count Purell singlesAdvanced Hand Sanitizer Gel Single-Use Packets in Display Box


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