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Mesanfitの “激安” 非接触式電子温度計

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激安価格の電子温度計ですが、Customer Reviewは4.6/5 (438 ratings)と評価が高い一品です。


  • Non-contact Measurement:Non-contact infrared technology reads from forehead ,avoiding direct contact with the skin makes the measuring process safer and healthier, and the distance range of 1-5cm can prevent crossed infection.
  • Accurate and Fast:Get accurate readings fast within 1 second, the temperature measurement accuracy is within ±0.2℃ (±0.4℉) and the accuracy is more than 98%,the temporal thermometer is designed for all ages, adults, babies and elders.
  • Intelligent Fever Alarm:The fever thermometer has a three-color backlight color alarm function,green backlight for normal temperature, orange backlight for slight fever and red back light for high fever, if your temperature is low/high fever, the display will change to yellow/red and you will hear insistent “beep” to remind you.
  • 2 Modes and Memory Storage:Body mode and surface mode, this forehead temperature gun can not only measure the body temperature, but also can measure the temperature of liquid, the surface temperature of objects and room temperature,and it can store 50 data values and can automatically overwrite the previous records to monitor your family members.
  • Easy to Use:When you have finished measuring, you will hear a “beep” sound to remind you of the end of the measurement, you can also turn off this feature without affecting anyone,and easily switch between ℃ and ℉(please refer to the manual for details), without any operation, it will automatically shut down, which plays a role of low power consumption.

同じような体温計が色々ありますが、スペックを比較してもおおよそ同じような感じですので、Customer Reviewも悪くないこのMesanfitの激安非接触式電子温度計はお買い得かと思います。



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