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Magnetic Microwave Splatter Cover 40% OFF

Magnetic Microwave Splatter Cover

Amazonにて、電子レンジ使用時の飛び散り防止用のマグネット付きカバー40% OFFとお買い得になっています。



  • PLEASE KINDLY NOTE-Have to make sure your microwave can work with magnetic,you can use a magnet to see if it can stick with the roof of your microwave.If it can work,then go and order it.
  • PREVENT SPLATTER-It is used to cover the food you want to heat and prevent the liquid splattering out of the dise that will soil your microwave.
  • SCIENTIFIC DESIGN-Built in steam vents that help to heat food evenly.Its size is 11.8 inch,and that fits most plates,bowls and platters.
  • SAFTY FOR MICROWAVE-Special microwave-safe,polymer-encased magnets,dishwasher-safe,food-safe and BPA-free
  • EASY TO USE-Put your food into the microwave,cover it with this microwave cover,when it is done,take out of the cover,wash clean,attaches to the roof of your microwave when it is not in used.

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