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VTechのZoo Jamz 電子ザイロフォン (最安値タイ)

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Amazonにて、小さな子供達に人気のVTechのZoo Jamz ザイロフォンがお安くなっています。


AmazonのCustomer Reviewも4.7/5 (684 ratings)ととても評価の高いVTechのザイロフォンですが、ただ今GreenカラーがList. $17.99が50% OFFとなり、Amazonでの過去最安値タイまで価格が下がって大変お買い得になっています。

  • This friendly caterpillar features eight colorful light-up bars that kids can tap with the mallet to create sounds
  • Learn to play a song by following the lights and pressing the keys accordingly to advance the song, note-by-note
  • Play any way you like in Music Composer mode
  • In Follow Me mode, listen to a music note, then tap the correct light-up bar and repeat the sequences to advance to new levels
  • Grab the mallet and pull the caterpillar along by the cord


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