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VacLifeのTire Inflator for Car Tires, Bicycles – 55% OFF プロモコード

Air Compressor Tire Inflator

Amazonで、車のタイヤだけでなく、オートバイや自転車のタイヤ、そしてボート、ボール、エアーマットレスなどの空気ポンプとして使えるVacLifeのTire Inflatorがとってもお安くなっています。

Amazon’s Choiceにも選ばれCustomer Reviewも4.6/5 (523 ratings)と評価の高いTire Inflatorですが、ただ今55% OFFとなるプロモコードUSVL731GOがでており、以下価格か55% OFFとなりAmazonでの最安値を更新して大変お買い得です。

  • Various Uses: This tire pump is suitable for cars and medium SUVs with tire width less than 245mm and bicycles with Schrader Valve. Any truck tires are not applicable. The special snap-fit design of the universal valve can reduce air leakage. Coupled with many useful attachments, the air compressor for car can also inflate balls, inflatable kayak, air cushion, swimming pool toys, etc. Enjoy a better use experience.
  • Fast Inflating & Auto Shut-off: VacLife air pump for car tires will inflate your tires within a minute to reach the standard pressure and automatically shut off after reaching. With this portable air pump, no more worry about overinflating. An intelligent product you must buy. But please note that let the 12V air compressor cool for 5-10 minutes after every 8-mintue use to prolong the lifespan.
  • Converter Acceptable: Equipped with a cigarette lighter plug instead of a 110V AC plug, the tire/air compressor is only suitable for 12V DC cars. If a converter is needed, it’s recommended to use a converter in accordance with 120W, 10A specification. The pump supporting the converter will provide better service in multiple places.
  • Digital Display & LED Lighting: Four pressure units to choose from. There is always one for you. The screen of the tire inflator/portable air compressor will show preset tire pressure and real-time pressure at the same time. You can get a better idea of the inflating process. Besides, this car tire pump with a LED light will ensure your safety in an emergency at night. It is a reminder of passing vehicles.
  • 9.2 Ft Long Cord: The power cord of the portable air compressor for car tires is 9.2 Ft, which is long enough to inflate every tire with ease. What a convenient air compressor! One thing to note: the inflation range of this portable tire inflator is that the tire pressure is less than 50psi and the air cushion tire pressure is less than 150psi.


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