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ModalのRechargeable Wine Opener and Preserver Set – 33% OFFの$19.99

Rechargeable Wine Opener and Preserver Set

本(4/16)のBest BuyのBonus Deal of the Dayにて、ModalのRechargeable Wine Opener & Preserver Setがお安くなっています。


Customer Review4.7/5 (147 ratings)と高評価を得ており、その使い勝手の良さとコストパフォーマンスに対するコメントが多く見られます。

Verified Purchaser’s Comment
“This by far is the best invention to opening a wine bottle. I didn’t even charge it and right out of the box I used it to open a bottle of wine. It works like a dream. I use to open a bottle with the old fashion kind that crank and twist up and they hurt my hands and the bottle would almost tip over. But not with this one it zips it down in the cork and pulls the cork right up really fast. I couldn’t belive how easy it was. Just push the button. I love it”

エアレーターも付いたこのModalのRechargeable Wine Opener & Preserver Setが、本日33% OFFの$19.99 (was $29.99)とお安くなっており、Best BuyBest Buy via eBayのいずれのサイトからでも購入できます。

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Modal™ – Rechargeable Wine Opener and Preserver Set – Black

  • Fully automatic wine opener– Simply place the wine opener on top of a wine bottle to unscrew its cork, and enjoy your favorite wine.
  • Durable construction – This wine opener is made from stainless steel for everyday use.
  • Foil cutter – Makes it easy to remove seals from your wine bottles.
  • Rechargeable battery – It can open up to 30 bottles on a single charge. Charging base with power cord included.
  • Two-button control – Two buttons, to pull out the cork from the bottle and to remove the cork.
  • Integrated pump – Gradually removes the air from the bottle while the stopper prevents the air from reentering the bottle.
  • Two wine stoppers, aerator included– Perfect for a dinner party where you want to preserve multiple bottles at the end of the evening.


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