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OSITOの首マッサージ機 – 70% OFFの$28.99

Neck Massager


首のマッサージだけでなく、首周りの肩や頸部の凝り、そして、坐骨、腰、肘、膝の痛みにも効果があるリモコン付きのTENS(テンズ:経皮的電気刺激療法)& EMS(神経筋電気刺激療法)マッサージ機で、

Acupuncture, Cupping, Gua Sha, Kneading, Knocking, Pain Relief, Shiatsu, Suction, Tappingと10種のマッサージモード選択と、50段階の強さ調整が可能です。

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OSITO Neck Massager Tens EMS Cervical Pulse Muscle Pain Relif Deep Tissue Gift

  • [FDA-CLEARED]: This pulse neck massager with breathable soft silicone adopts ergonomic design, high-elastic frame technology, intelligent 3D suspension, which could improve your blood circulation effectively, to take you to release from a headache, insomnia, and various cervical pains( Such as perennial work, long time driving, household working, etc.)
  • [9 MODES AND 50 INTENSITIES]: The electric neck massager with 10 modes (Such as Acupuncture, Shiatsu, Cupping, Pushing and so on)is easy to switch by the remote control, and 50 kinds of intensitygiving you the most suitable modes, it also equipped with 15-minute auto shut-off which is suiting for sleeping.
  •  [COMFORTABLE AND PORTABLE]: The neck massager with advanced sensor technology precisely controls the temperature range to avoid excessive heat, the ‘U’ shaped is designed to fit the human body’s cervical physiological curvature to ensure you the comfortable feeling. Portable and lightweight, suit for home, working, trip, and so on.
  •  [EXTRA PADS FOR FULL BODY PAINS]: Each Osito intelligent neck massager comes with 2pcs electrode body pads to target hard-reach areas such as Arm, Shoulder, Back, Waist, Leg, etc, relax stiffness, ease fatigue body and help to relieve body pain and aches. pads are reusable for 20-35 times when properly use, continuously 10 hours.nflatable double raft/lounge comfortably fits 2 people
  • [Knowing before use]: Please increase the intensity when you cannot feel the pulse stimulation at the start, the intensity is increased with your neck’s stiffness. Please wipe the neck with a wet towel before use to make it more comfortable. A 1-year warranty is provided. Last, our after-sales service is contactable at any time.



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