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KitchenAidのDual Platform Digital Kitchen Scale – 50% OFFの$24.99

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Woot!にて、KitchenAidのDual Platform Digital Kitchen Scaleがお安くなっています。

KitchenAidのとてもスタイリッシュなDual Platform、つまり計りが2つ付いて、ひとつは大きくて重い計測、そしてもうひとつは小さくて軽い計測を行えます。

大きな計りは0.1oz~11lb (1g~5000g)、そして小さい方の計りは0.001oz~16oz (0.01g~500g)の計測が可能です。


AmazonでのCustomer Reviewも4.4/5 (1,520 ratings)と高評価を得ているKitchenAidのDual Platform Digital Kitchen Scaleですが、ただ今WootでList. $49.99が50% OFFの$24.99とお安くなっています。

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KitchenAid Dual Platform Digital Kitchen Scale, Black

  • Max capacity and unit increments: platform 1: 11lb x 0. 1oz and 5000g x 1g platform 2: 16oz x 0. 001oz and 500g x 0. 01g
  • Unique feature: Two-line backlit LCD readout calculates weights for both platforms at the same time
  • Tare feature: Weigh all ingredients into one container by using the Tare feature to zero out weights in-between additions. Also works to zero the Weight of any container before adding food
  • Easy cleanup: Durable, stainless steel surfaces wipe up quickly and will not stain or retain food odors
  • Battery: Powered by three (3) AAA batteries, included. Scale can be powered off of Will auto shut-off after a 3 minutes of no change in Weight on the platform


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